Little Tiny Spark

We would like to introduce to you the artwork by the youngest members of our team,  Leiden (10) and Tobin (12).

They made their art debut this August at the 2018 Mount Gretna Arts Festival. Their work features Leiden's drawings and Tobin's emerging graphic design and management skills.

The collaboration of the two of them (with our assistance - offering guidance, design instruction, and management ) have become a new company, "Little Tiny Spark". As a part of their homeschooling education, we believe that the best way to learn is to do! Not only are they developing their artistic abilities, but they are learning (among other things) math, organization, time management, business, and marketing. In their first 5 months, they have raised money to not only cover their costs but have also been able to purchase a new computer!

The Little Tiny Spark website is now officially up and running! Come visit us there to see what we have been up to!